Miki Mia

Miki Mia 2005

Profile Edit

  • Name: Miki Mia
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Biography Edit

Miki Mia's first role was how i met your mother as the Chinese waitress. Which was after her most known role in 40 Year Old Virgin as the waxing lady. Miki Mia also spends her time in Japan helping her aunt at the beauty salon waxing people which is how she got the role for 40 Year Old Virgin. Miki Mia was in Japan the day she got the phone call about the chance to be the waxing lady in 40 Year Old Virgin. So she flew to the United States to met up with the rest of the cast and the director of 40 Year Old Virgin and began filming to be the waxing lady. Miki Mia is also working other movies and t.v shows to hopefully become a big star someday.

Filmography Edit

  • [1997] Janku Fudo
  • [2003] The Man Show
  • [2005] 40 Year Old Virgin
  • [2005] How I Met Your Mother