JU-ON is Japanese for Curse / Grudge. there has been several movies filmed about a JU-ON that started in Japan and eventually makes its way to America. The original of the movies is JU-ON: The Grudge, America made a remake of that movie called The Grudge, and there was a second and third JU-ON movie and also a second and third Grudge movie.

Biography Edit

How this all started Edit

A JU-ON is a curse, this curse started in a haunted house in Japan, this haunted house was only haunted because a girl and her kid was murdered by her husband then the husband killed himself. The mothers name was Kayako, and the sons name was Toshio. Kayako and Toshio came back as ghosts and every time someone went into that house they got the curse from Kayako and Toshio.

How it got to America Edit

The curse eventually got to America when Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar, main character of the first Grudge movie) burnt down the house in Japan. Karen found a book that was written by Kayako, a journal about a man she loved (not her husband) Kayako was murdered for loving another man. In the second Grudge movie Karen dies in Japan and all her stuff gets sent back to America were her mom is, in a box there was that journal that Kayako wrote, the book being in America now started the curse in America as well.

Films Edit

The original of this movie was made in Tokyo, Japan, called JU-ON: The Grudge, after the first one they made a second and third one. There was a remake of this movie in America and half the movie was filmed in Japan and the other half in America. There are three movies of the American remake of The Grudge.

Characters Edit

Kayako Saeki Edit

Kayako Saeki is the mother of Toshio and wife of Takeo. Kayako was murdered by Takeo Saeki by getting her neck broken and now she haunts in the house she was murdered in and a apartment building in America.

Toshio Saeki Edit

Toshio Saeki is the son of Kayako Saeki. He was murdered by Takeo Saeki by being drowned right before Takeo committed suicide.

Mar Saeki Edit

Mar Saeki is the cat in the JU-ON and Grudge movies. The cat was thrown at a wall and drowned by Takeo before he committed suicide.

Takeo Saeki Edit

Takeo Saeki is the father of Toshio and the husband of Kayako Saeki. He murdered Kayako then Toshio and even the cat, then himself.

Naoko Saeki Edit

Naoko Saeki is the sister of Kayako. Naoko never got the curse but she did get murdered at the end of The Grudge 3 by Max who was cursed into acting like Takeo Saeki. Naoko wasn't seen in the movies until the third Grudge movie.

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